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Training for Exempt and Faculty Searches

Search and Selection training for exempt and faculty searches is offered on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in attending one of the sessions listed below, please contact Jess Jacobson at x50805 or

Search training is designed to provide a broad overview of the Search and Selection process. The training is intended for all Search Committee Chairs, all Search Committee Coordinators, and those Hiring Officials for Exempt Positions in Pay Bands 1-2. Individuals with other roles -- including eTerp "Creators," Hiring Officials for Faculty positions, and Hiring Officials for Exempt positions in Pay Bands 3-5 -- are welcome to attend the training if they are interested in understanding the full scope of the process beyond their individual role. The eTerp system and the Substantive Changes to Search and Selection that went into effect on February 1, 2014 are covered as part of the training, but are not the sole focus.

Search and Selection Training Dates


  • Wednesday, March 26, from 10:15-12:15, 0118 Main Administration Building - Full
  • April

  • Wednesday, April 9, from 10:15-12:15, 0118 Main Administration Building - 9 seats available*
  • Tuesday, April 22, from 10:15-12:15, 0118 Main Administration Building - 9 seat available*
  • May

  • Tuesday, May 6, from 10:15-12:15, 0118 Main Administration Building - 13 seat available*
Other training opportunities
  • On-site training is available for groups of 10-15 people.
  • Individual training is available for new Equity Administrators.
  • If you are interested in training focused primarily on the eTerp system, please contact the the eTerp User Support Office at x55600 or to discuss training options.
*Seats available last updated 3/11/14. May not reflect current availability.

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