The President's Commission on Disability Issues: Committee Members

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PCDI members are a dedicated group of faculty, staff, and students representing a wide range of campus units, including but not limited to the Accessibility & Disability Service, Resident Life, Division of Information Technology, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Facilities Management, University Career Center & The President’s Promise, Department of Transportation Services and University Libraries, University Recreation and Wellness, colleges and schools across campus.


2017-2018 PCDI Members

Co-Chairs Department Email
Ana Palla-Kane DIT-ATI-Learning Technology Strategy
Paul Jaeger INFO-College of Information Studies

Graduate Assistant

Amanda Hart PRES-President's Office
Committee Members    
Michelle Appel SVPAAP-IRPA
Leonard Azonobi VPAF-Facilities Management
JoEllen Barnhart AGNR-Faculty
Stacey Brown Former PCDI chair
Dana Calandrino VPSA-Res Life
Blair Chisholm Undergraduate Student
Amanda Even VPSA-University Recreation & Wellness
Teressa Ferraro LIBR-Libraries
Nancy Forsythe VPSA-University Career Center
Cara Fleck VPSA- DOTS
Jocelyn Fleming VPAF-Facilities Management
Gay Gullickson Former PCDI chair
Timothy Hackman LIBR-Libraries
Christine Hottel VPAF-University Human Resources
Aggie Hu Graduate Student
Jo Ann Hutchinson VPSA-Accessibility and Disability Service
Susan Johnston DIT-ATI Learning Technology Design
(Roberto) Patricio Korzeniewicz BSOS - Sociology- Professor & Chair
Peter Leone EDUC-Professor
Deborah Mateik DIT-ATI Learning Technology Design
Bonnie Miranda SVPAAP-Faculty Affairs
Christopher Moore VPSA-Res Facilities
Dan Newsome VPSA-Accessibility and Disability Service
Daune O'Brien ARHU-English Lectures |  INFO-Trace Center
Joseph Williams SVPAAP-Office of Diversity and Inclusion