Past Winners

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Past Winners

  • 2015 Donna B. Hamilton

    Professor, Department of English

  • 2014 Ann G. Wylie

    Department of Geology

  • 2013 James A. Yorke

    Departments of Mathematics and
    Physics, and Institute for Physical
    Science and Technology

  • 2012 Robert S. Gold

    Founding Dean, School of Public Health,
    Department of Behavioral and
    Community Health

  • 2010 Herb Rabin

    Professor, Senior Associate Dean and
    Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute

  • 2011 Charles F. Wellford

    Professor, Department of Criminology
    and Criminal Justice

  • 2009 Jordan A. Goodman

    Professor, Department of Physics

  • 2008 Susan L. Bayly, Esq.

    General Counsel
    President's Office of Legal Affairs