Equity Council

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Mission Statement

The Equity Council serves as an advisory group to the President and supports the longstanding and continuous goal of the University of Maryland to be a national leader in recruiting and retaining a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students.

The Council provides leadership in the articulation and development of affirmative action policies and procedures for the campus community. A particular focus of the Equity Council is to review and recommend, as appropriate, search and selection policies and procedures for the university and its colleges and departments.

Upon the approval of the President, these policies and procedures will be implemented and monitored by major unit heads (Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Deans) at the College and major unit level with the assistance of their individual Equity Administrators. The Council, therefore, serves as an advisory resource to individual council members and the campus community, and provides analytical reports and observations to the President.

The Council consists of equity administrators from each Vice President and Dean's office and the Office of the President. The Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion serves as Chair of the Council.