Flagship 2020

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Welcome to this special page for the Flagship 2020 Commission. My charge to this Commission is to chart a road map to competitive excellence—to become a top 10 flagship university, “equal to the best in the nation,” as our State mandate reads. Working collaboratively, the Commission’s charge is to chart a five-year strategic course for the University of Maryland; to better align financial resources with institutional priorities; to recommend improved ways to learn and teach, conduct research, and translate ideas into social and/or economic ventures; to explore how our administrative services might be improved and streamlined to better support our core academic missions; and to propose ways to increase our revenue streams.

Five work groups and an advisory council, comprising faculty, staff and students, will carry out much of the work, but I am asking you to share your ideas to help create our future. This website has an electronic suggestion box so you can submit ideas on any of the priorities listed above.  We will also provide updates on our progress, and other news about budget matters as they unfold.

Together, we can make the University of Maryland “equal to the best.” We will succeed. We always have. Thank you for your engagement.


Wallace D. Loh
President, University of Maryland