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Thriving WorkplaceThe Thriving Workplace Initiative, sponsored by the Office of the President, is an effort to make the University of Maryland the best place to work. The initiative aspires to create a thriving work environment and a culture of engagement and inclusion among all UMD employees. Engaged employees work with passion, feel a profound connection to their workplace and are empowered to succeed. Engaged employees also help an organization reach its full potential. As this university continues its ascendancy as a premier institution "equal to the best," the Thriving Workplace Initiative is critical to harnessing and acknowledging each employee's contributions every step of the way.

Improving the employer-employee relationship and redefining what it means to be an effective leader, manager or supervisor at the university are critical parts of the initiative. So is ensuring that every employee's skills and talents are valued. As we execute our mission, it's critical that every employee feels equipped to succeed and all UMD voices are heard.

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