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Your Good Idea: Better Staff Meetings

Submitted by: Betty Spengler, Conferences & Visitor Services,


Our team had the desire to make monthly staff meetings more engaging and meaningful. I showed Derek Sivers' "How to start a movement" TED Talk because it perfectly demonstrated how the new plan might seem a little crazy at first, but if someone would be brave enough to get started it could become a great movement toward engaging meetings. Our leadership team revamped the meeting to include a time where every staff member was expected to participate (even if they couldn't attend the meeting).

We developed four questions to serve as prompts to help people find a meaningful way to participate:

  • Something you are working on
  • Something you need help with
  • Something you learned
  • Something that happened

The Leadership Team was prepared and committed to using one of the talking points at the meeting to demonstrate how it worked. Others around the table decided to participate so we considered that a win!

Every person at every meeting since we kicked this off has participated even if they aren't present. People are telling stories, sharing tips, asking for help, sharing pictures of what they are doing at work, etc.

How does it help foster a thriving workplace?

Staff meetings are now an opportunity to learn about each other, ask for and receive help, and engage together to create a thriving workplace. This was a simple change with a big impact.node/792

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