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Statement from President Wallace D. Loh on Thriving Workplace Initiative

Dear University of Maryland faculty and staff,

This is the second year of the Thriving Workplace Initiative—a campus-wide effort to create a better working environment for all. To date, more than 2,400 faculty and staff have discussed in their departments or units new ways to work together more effectively and with greater impact.

Based on these results, Michele Eastman, Assistant President and Chief of Staff, and Jewel Washington, Assistant Vice President, University Human Resources (UHR), will form a task force to evaluate and make recommendations to improve the Performance Review and Development (PRD) process. UHR will also align employee and supervisor training with the engagement and inclusion factors identified in Gallup’s research. These training courses will support post-survey actions beginning in 2018.

The second Gallup Thriving Workplace survey will be available October 9 – 20, 2017. Comparison of the results of this survey with the previous survey allows for the monitoring of progress. Please look for an email from Gallup in your inbox to access this survey. I urge you to participate. Your responses will never be linked to you individually.

UMD’s Center for Leadership & Organizational Change (CLOC) will continue to support the efforts of any unit that seeks to improve its work environment. You can learn more here:

Thank you for participating.


Wallace D. Loh

President, University of Maryland