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To foster the education, critical thinking and intellectual growth of students, to create and apply new knowledge via research, scholarship and the creative arts, to improve the surrounding world, we must first foster an inclusive community of global citizens committed to academic freedom. We are dedicated to act with entrepreneurial spirit, embrace the power of technology, operate with fiscal responsibility and administrative efficiency, foster transformational change and create a vibrant surrounding community.

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership

On Oct. 1, the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Act of 2016 became law in Maryland. This law builds on the tremendous success of MPowering the State, formalizing the partnership established in 2012 between the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park.

A New Academic Year Beckons

Dear University of Maryland community,

Welcome to our new students, faculty and staff. And to our stalwarts who make this a great university, welcome back!

We welcome new deans this year: at the iSchool, Keith Marzullo (computer scientist, UC-San Diego and NSF division director); as interim dean, Graduate School, Jeffrey Franke (former associate dean, Georgetown University business school); and next month, Sonia Hirt (urban planner, Virginia Tech) will join the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

Proposed tax reform and higher education

Our University has ​voiced​ strong opposition to H.R.1, the Tax Cut​s​ and Jobs Act, because it discourages participation in college, makes it more expensive for low- and middle-income students to attend, undermines the financial stability of universities, and—by swelling the national debt​​—impairs the Federal government's ability to invest in higher education, research, and economic growth.

Transformational investment in UMD

Dear University of Maryland community,

I am pleased to announce an historic investment to build the future of the state's flagship university and contribute to the future of the State of Maryland.

It will transform access to, and the affordability of, a UMD education. These are core values of our land-grant heritage, and we must invest in our students for they are the future leaders of our society. It will endow faculty chairs and build state-of-the-art facilities to strengthen the excellence of our education, research, and innovation.

Statement from President Wallace D. Loh on Thriving Workplace Initiative

Dear University of Maryland faculty and staff,

This is the second year of the Thriving Workplace Initiative—a campus-wide effort to create a better working environment for all. To date, more than 2,400 faculty and staff have discussed in their departments or units new ways to work together more effectively and with greater impact.

Progress Toward UMD Carbon Neutrality

Over the past decade, due to the inspired commitment of faculty, students, and staff, our campus has reduced carbon emissions by 27 percent, even as we grew by 11 percent. 


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