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To foster the education, critical thinking and intellectual growth of students, to create and apply new knowledge via research, scholarship and the creative arts, to improve the surrounding world, we must first foster an inclusive community of global citizens committed to academic freedom. We are dedicated to act with entrepreneurial spirit, embrace the power of technology, operate with fiscal responsibility and administrative efficiency, foster transformational change and create a vibrant surrounding community.

University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Act of 2016

I would like to let you know of a bill just introduced in the Maryland Senate that could have a positive impact on our campus. If enacted into law, it would create a much stronger partnership between our campus and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, making fuller use of our complementary strengths.

Capital Budget Testimony 2012

I am pleased to provide testimony to the General Assembly for our FY 2013 capital budget request.

Responses to DLS FY 13 Operating Budget Analysis

Mr. Chairman and members of the Subcommittee, for the past several years, universities across our country have had to cope with massive cuts in their budgets. This has forced them to raise tuition, reduce courses, and resort to other cost cutting measures.

Differential Pricing Proposal

The traditional approach to college pricing is “one-price-fits-all,” regardless of field of study. UMCP proposes differential pricing that is market based for only three degrees—from among the scores of degrees offered—because they meet the stringent test of satisfying each of these five criteria: high demand by students, high cost to teach, high academic quality, high job salaries, and high impact on the state’s economy.

Letter to Regents: Byrd Stadium Naming

I respectfully submit to you and the Board of regents the following regarding Byrd Stadium:

Recommendation for board action:
I recommend that “Byrd Stadium” be changed to “Maryland Stadium.”


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