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Thriving Workplace

February 16, 2017

Dear University of Maryland faculty and staff:

Each of us has a stake in making our day-to-day work as engaging, inclusive, and effective as possible. We do our best work when we feel connected to co-workers and our institution, share common goals, and commit our creativity and passion.

Last spring, we launched the Thriving Workplace Initiative to make meaningful changes campus wide.

I thank the 6,072 faculty and staff who participated anonymously in the Gallup workplace survey. We have been working together to turn this information into action.

The University’s Center for Leadership & Organizational Change (CLOC) has begun by providing support to 188 unit directors and department chairs so they can make the most of the Gallup data. Over 120 units have followed up with productive conversations to develop shared workplace goals.

One of these units is the President's office. My cabinet and I are committed to this research-based approach. In the end, this initiative will be as consequential as all of us make it.

Next October, we will conduct another Gallup survey to assess the campus' progress.

Working together, we can help each other thrive at the University of Maryland.


Wallace D. Loh
President, University of Maryland